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"LIBERATE" Press Release


SINGAPORE, 25 APRIL 2011 – Internationally renowned Singapore photographer Marcus Mok has published Liberate, his long awaited first book of sensuous male photographs. The many fans of his work can now add his book to their collection of his fine art prints on their walls. Mok’s work has been acquired by the Singapore Art Museum and the Kinsey Institute in the USA, where they are considered important chronicles of Asian photography.

Mok, 45, says, “I chose Singapore to launch my book because it is my homeland, it is where my inspiration and many of my models are from, and, not least of all, so my aging mother, to whom I have dedicated this gorgeous opus, can attend.” He adds that further launches are planned for Europe, the USA and Australia later this year.

Liberate is a collection of Marcus’ favourite works from the last decade of his photography. Some have been exhibited previously and hang in private collections around the world. Others are being seen for the very first time in this book and will be available as archival quality fine art prints.

In the words of Catherine Johnson-Roehr of the Kinsey Institute, USA, “Marcus Mok is a highly creative artist whose photographs display his talent for composition and his ability to use lighting and location to showcase both the beauty and the power of the male figure.”

Justice Michael Kirby of the Australian High Court called Marcus a “gifted photographer”, and you can understand why when you see the 120 pages of sensuously yet discreetly posed and photographed buffed young men, mostly Asian. There is a lightness and elegance to his touch that beguiles you into soaking up the images, seeing more and more in each one the longer you look. This is not heavy handed, in-your-face, one-look-and-you’re-done, photography – it captures the discretion of the Asian form while subtly exposing its hidden sexuality for those who want to see.

William Yang, the doyen of photography, says in the foreword to the book that “the work has a powerful aesthetic, reinforced by the book’s design. Its strength lies in its discretion.” Liberate is designed by award winning designer Jef Tan around the theme of liberation, with quotations and poems about liberty being interspersed throughout. The result is thought provoking and challenging. Indeed, it’s inspiring to think of those who have championed liberty in all its aspects down through the generations, and to see the struggle for liberty – or its full unbounded expression – in these beautiful images.

The photographs are gorgeously printed in Singapore by Nic Ong at Indibooks on high quality Forest Stewardship Council graded 170 gsm Lumisilk acid free paper on 20 micron FM screening.

Marcus says he will leave it to his readers to divine their own personal quest for liberty and hopes they can find inspiration and strength from his work. Liberate is more than just a coffee table book and visual archive of Marcus’ journey; it is a symbol of the universal desire to be free.